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March 16, 2017

The number one mobile conference and event in the Nordics - The Swedish Mobile Awards - acclaims the most brilliant startups, innovative agencies, successful companies and organisations which have built exceptional cross platform solutions and products, transforming not just their own business but re-inventing the global market.

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All Winners 2015

Hall of fame

Since 2001 the Swedish Mobile Awards has rewarded some of Sweden's greatest industry players, startups and tech exports such as Skype, Soundcloud, TrueCaller and Zound Industries - way before their earliest claim to fame.

This is a selection of the most memorable winners.

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TAT - The Astonishing Tribe
Årets Nykomling 2004
Årets Företag 2007

Årets Multimediatjänst 2009

Årets Företag 2014
Årets Nyttotjänst 2011

Årets Svenska Mobila Spel 2011

Nominations are closed

We are super inspired by the quality of nominations this year! Good luck to all of the nominees! The finalists will be announced throughout January and February and the winners will be revealed at the glittering Mobilgalan/Swedish Mobile Awards Gala in March 16, 2017.

Tickets available soon!